Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why am I doing it? How do I answer that question?

Lets get the political views dispensed with.  I am pretty liberal, but I do have conservative tendencies. Lets leave it there.  My co workers are very conservative typically, and most of them I can talk politics with (there are a few people who are a different story though).  So I mention this because our one former colleague (a friend of mine, Randy) is a vegan, and a flaming liberal.  He is pretty extreme, and has been probably for 20 odd years.

So now I am being asked by my conservative constituency "why".  Thats a good question.  I never really thought about the dairy industry, poultry industry, etc. or the philosophical issue with taking a life, so i could hardly use that as an excuse. Health, that must be why.  So I go on to explain how I want to reduce my cholesterol, and lose a few pounds (both of which are pretty good answers).  No "liberal" stuff, I just don't feel like having the conversation, since I really don't have an opinion at this time.

I really do need to figure this out pretty soon, I am bound to get more questions, and I had damn sure better get healthier.  Time to talk to my wife to try and figure out why.

Note that I am this kind of person by default.  Do it first, figure out why later.  I dream of going to Law School someday (I'm an Engineering major), but I have no idea what I would do with the degree. No clue.  I started a Grateful Dead streaming website back in 2000.  I started this before I became a fan of the Dead. I liked the idea of doing it, then learned to like the music. I love the idea of board games, so I have spent hundred on games that have been played once, or not at all.  I love the idea, just no time to play.  I could go on, but you see sometimes, I jump on the bandwagon, only to figure out who is on it and where its going.

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