Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ok, now whats for lunch?

Having only one friend who is vegan, I really didn't know what this was all going to mean.  I have gone through crazy diets before.  I'm a thyroid cancer survivor, and every year I have to go through a radiation scan which requires me to go on a diet of low iodine. That basically means, no dairy, no processed foods, nothing from the sea, nothing with soy, no commercial grains. A hard diet, but doable. (I could still make a hamburger)

Let me give credit to my wife in advance, if I fail to mention her enough.  She is the cook, and the main architect of this diet, and has taken care of me without fail. Any failings I describe are of my own, and in no way reflect her support.

That being said, and thinking back, I can almost guarantee my first meal was PB&J (of which I have had thousands since). I also quickly got hooked on my wifes home made hummus, so I know I went through a ton of that.  However, never having been one who likes veggies, I knew I would have to open up and start trying things I never have had, and eating things I never have liked.

I thought milk was going to be a big issue, but I quickly adapted to Soy milk.  (cheese is a matter for another discussion.  So now, PB&J, hummus and pita, pasta, salads, soy milk.  Ok, I can do this.

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