Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Road Trip

The first trip I made in this state (yes, I feel like that) was to Huntsville Alabama on a business trip.  I'm driving there from Louisville, Ky with a coworker for a few days.  I had rather low expectations of how this trip was going to go, but I was all for it.  The road trip was easy (Subway, remember?), but when we got to Huntsville, that was another matter.  As cosmopolitan a town everyone says it is, its still a small town in Alabama.  I'm guessing a grass eater, who is also a yank, is not going to find much to eat.

My goal was to find a place that was showing hockey (Stanley cup playoff time), and didn't even try to find anything that would suit me.  Plus, travelling with someone from work, I didn't want to impose too much.  We ended up at a small Fridays/Applebee's type place, where I learned my new dietary options.  Heavily modified baked potato and salad.  These places always off a number of sides for you to put on top of your steak, I found they work pretty well on your potato.  I survived another night.

Note that I am nowhere close to quizzing the waiters on how food is made, if there are eggs in the pasta, etc. So ignorance is bliss at this moment.  I'm trying though, if it seems like it would contain an animal product, I do avoid it.  Cheating is for another entry. I have still been pretty good at this point.

We spent a night in Nashville on the way home, and I was more interested in stopping at Tootsie's than worrying about food again (I could live with another potato if need be).  I was sitting in a bar with my friend, where he made some rather absurd statement about building a huge wall along the Mexico boarder to keep illegals out, and I laughed and asked him if he planned to raise taxes to pay for it, when I was instantly verbally accosted by a couple of fine specimens from the Detroit area. I barked back after the onslaught, and then recoiled.  It wasn't worth the effort, and evidently they thought the same, because they apologized, I paid the tab, and we headed out the door.  However, for a liberal vegan yank, I do enjoy a bit of country twang, so we spent the rest of the evening enjoying local bands, and drinking beer.  Thank god, beer is vegan.

As I write this, I forgot what I ended up eating in Nashville.  Its entirely possible that I sustained the evening on chips, salsa, and shiner bock.

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