Sunday, December 12, 2010

On a lighter note...

My blog entries of late have been rather on the heavy side.  I dont want to give the impression that I am tormented with my food lifestyle, both past or present.  OK maybe I am, but epic psychoanalytical ranting blog entries do get tiring from time to time.  Both to read and write I'm sure.  I thought I would just log in and share an early Christmas I had.

I received these goods from Pangea on Friday. This is not a review of products, more just pointing out some interesting things I just picked up.

As you can see, I am still looking for the perfect cheese substitute.  I have come to the realization that there is nothing that taste like "cheese", so now I'm just looking for products I like.  Daiya is growing on me, but I never fell in love with this like everyone else.  The main purpose of this purchase was the Nacho Mom's  @VeganQueso.  I did crack this open today, and polished off half a jar. It was quite excellent.  I added some pickled jalapeños for a bit more kick, but overall a great purchase. There were a few other products I'd had my eye on.  The "We cant say its Cheese" was selected at the high recommendation of one of my vegans, as was the "Parma", which is all natural (walnuts, nooch, seasoning).  The "Primal" jerky has also been the subject of conversations. I'm saving those to try with my omni children.

So I could probably go on a wild explanation of why I chose each of these products, but I'll keep it simple and say that its just because they looked yummy, and nothing more.  In all honesty, I've really been craving Brussel Sprouts anyway.

Enjoy this brief blog entry, who knows where I may take the next one.


  1. I *LOVE* Primal Strips... the first time I ever had one, I went crazy and ate like, three a day for a while. :D

  2. I have not tried the Wayfare yet, but I plan on picking some up in Texas especially some Queso. :)

  3. The vegan products will never be EXACTLY like the dairy ones. That's just how it goes. I find most of them work best when in a recipe or something than stand alone. Compared to 10 years ago when I was crumbling tofu on pizza, I'll take daiya over that.

    I've been craving brussel sprouts too!

  4. So Nacho Mom's is a hit eh? I'll have to try it with the added jalapeño of course.

  5. Thanks for the comments :) Its true, the vegan cheese is never an exact replica, nor could it be. i still have a memory of cheese, and i'm not looking to replace that so much as i am looking to replace the emotion i got when eating. it is fun to try these different products, and to find what the best uses of them are.

    Yes, the NachMom's is a big hit though. I need to pace myself on it though. Dont need to create a new obsession.