Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

This post has nothing really to do with my vegan transition, but its a festive time of year, and I think it helps paint the picture of my life, so all of my "vegans" can properly advise me on how to live :)

I asked my son to put some thoughts together for Christmas presents, since he has a lot of extended grandparents now, and this was the list he bestowed up me.  Note, the original was a Google Doc which he shared with me. Its just fun to see how my 10 yr old son thinks.

He put together a list, and then went through and prioritized them.  I'm not sure if #2 is the actual car or not. Yes I picked up a few of these items, but I admit, I'm not sure what all of these things are.  No excuses for missing the boat with this kid.

  1. Playstation 3 Console with Dualshock Controller
  2. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
  3. Outstandingly good Graphics Card
  4. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010
  5. LittleBigPlanet 2 Pre-Order
  6. XBOX (I would recommend Ebay) NFS: Hot Pursuit 2
  7. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  8. Sonic Colors
  9. 17,500 Speedboost (I’m talking about in Need for Speed: World. 17,500 costs $40)
  10. Rollerskates
  11. Transformers Human Alliance Sideswipe
  12. Chrome Modern v2 
  13. Secret Agent Clank
  14. Lego 7598 Pizza Planet Truck Rescue
  15. Lego 6212 X-Wing Fighter
  16. Lego 21003 Seattle Space Needle
  17. Lego 7848 Toys R Us Truck (Toys R Us Exclusive, BEWARE)
  18. 55000 Lego Universe MMORPG
  19. Lego 3841 Minotaurus
  20. Lego 3844 Creationary
  21. Nerf N Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster - Yellow
  22. Lego 7145 Von Nebula
  23. Playstation Move Bundle with Eyepet game
  24. Pokemon Arceus Collector Tin
  25. Light Blue Diamond Glass Paperweight
  26. Pokemon Pop and Battle 2 Pack Action Figure Sets- Shaymin and Giratina

My daughter took a Toys R Us catalog, and circled damn near everything on it.  I'm pretty sure those two will have a good Christmas though.

Dont worry, the Gallette's are still in process.


  1. I wonder if your son wants som legos? Fun post! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. I like how admist all the legos and video games, he asked for roller skates. That's awesome. :)

    My kids circled EVERYTHING as well. Merry Christmas!

  3. Haha I used to circle everything. I think giving people lots of choices leads to more surprise. The Seattle Space Needle lego sounds cool. I want one too!

  4. Wow, at least you got a list! From my son all I could get out of him was "Um, nothing. Well, a baby grand piano". From my daughter, "a cell phone, a cat and a trumpet". Oh and a baby grand piano". Guess which two kids are getting a piano? I can't wait for the sound of even more music filling the house. Merry Christmas. Hope it was wonderful!