Saturday, October 9, 2010

Winding Down In Brew Town

At this point I am finishing roughly an 8-10 week assignment which has brought me to Milwaukee virtually every week.  Suffice it to say, I am a little tired of the travel, and despite the fine vegan culinary adventures I have been on, I am still sitting in my hotel room, spending the night away from home.  In a past life, I would never call home and brag about the meals.  I remember getting into some deep "stuff" years ago, while I was going on and on about how wonderful a meal was.  I wasn't really getting the fact that my wife was at home trying to scrape together a meal, and here I was out living high on the hog (sorry about that reference).  This is a different time, and I feel a large part of my therapy in this endeavor is the ability to talk about what I am eating.  So nowadays I do just exactly what I used to shy away from.  I call home every day, and go on and on about the food adventures I am experiencing.  Its a different type of conversation now.  I think my wife probably would rather be dining with me, than putting something together out of the scraps from the fridge, but I also believe she understands the transition that I am going through, and gives me some latitude when it comes to what would normally be a breach of decorum when travelling for work.

I will say that as far as the past few days have gone, I have eaten like a vegan king.  I knew this was my last week in Milwaukee for a while, so I hit up all my faves, some new places I've never been, and never skipped one meal.  And most important, I totally boycotted that office cafeteria.  Nice place, lots of choices, but none for me (I really like more than salad).  Had this been my first week in town, I would be livin large, but I am drained, I need to get home.  I need to sit on my couch, with my wife, and have a PB&J.  Yep, the meal that started it all.  On day one, when I had nothing to eat, I lived on these for a little while. 6 months later, I've matured,.. I no longer giggle when I say Seitan (hehehe, bbq Satan, oooooo)... Ok, I still giggle.  Its a funny name.  Very demonic.  Would be rough going around in life with a name like that.

As I mentioned, I'm a food lover.  I don't always need a long term relationship with a meal, sometimes I just want southern fried tofu (aaahhh,... @PalominoBar), and do the walk of shame back to my rental car.  I want to have an experience with my meal.  I dont want to just eat it, and get full, I want to writhe in pleasure of every bite.  I want to enjoy it, look forward to it,... and not look back.  I'm starting to feel like that again.  I know its out there.  It is certainly in Milwaukee.

But for now, that PB&J is calling me back to Cincinnati, and so is my wife.

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