Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Wow, what a summer. Let me tell you it has been wild, and if I wanted to, I would not have had a spare moment to write a blog, a letter, phone a friend, or call my mom. I've been busy, there is a reason you have not heard from me. But I do know that you have anxiously awaiting my return, so I thought I would come back with a big litany of items that I had to deal with over the summer, hence reasons I did not blog (call, phone or write). OK, that was rather presumptuous, I've actually only had a few comments, and if I didn't know any better, I would think you all are reading other blogs and didn't even notice I was gone. That's the worst, taking time off, and people learn to do without you. One of my work vacation fears. if I'm gone too long, they'll figure out how to exist without me, and then I wont be as valuable as I was when I left. I'm getting off topic now, and I will take a vacation I promise.

So Meghan, Heather and Lee (especially Lee, she is the one in the middle) are probably the ones who mostly have noticed my absence. Lee mentioned to me last night (it sounds so cozy, but really it was a "tweet") that my blogged missed me. She gave a me a good idea for my next blog, but I thought I would just write a rambling stream of consciousness first to declare that I have come back, and then I'll get back into food related stuff.

Lets just enumerate my many accomplishments over the summer. Note these are not listed in any particular order.
its all vegan i assure you
  • Had a birthday - OK, this did not require much preparation, as it probably would have happened regardless if I was paying attention.
  • Traveled for work - I should have blogged some of my trips. Milwaukee and Memphis were of particular note, Bismarck and Evansville were not.
  • Built a shed - Technically I supervised this effort, although my task (painting it) is yet to be completed.
  • Painted a porch - Again, I supervised this, but in my defense, I had to make some tough calls. Such as asking the guy to paint more, so I wouldn't have to (I failed to ask him to paint my shed).
  • Mowed the lawn many times - This goes without saying. And I should say that this effort takes a good 15 minutes, so there goes the summer.
  • Enjoyed a big steak - Just kidding, wanted to see if you were still reading.
  • Obtained my PMP - This was for real. My biggest summer time sync. 1-3 hours of study daily for almost 12 weeks. I took about 3 days off in that time. 
  • Entertained my folks, brother and sister - Another good blog idea I let pass, I had my whole family at my house for my birthday. A rarity for us as we don't often all get together
  • Assisted my father in surgical recovery - I really didn't do much to assist, my dad (and mom) were in the Midwest for about 5 weeks. My dad treated himself to a triple-A surgery while on vacation.
  • Got depressed most Sunday evenings - I could probably write a book on Sunday blues. It would be a rather depressing book though.
  • Washed my dog - Others would say I haven't done this enough times though.
  • Started a rock band with my daughter - My daughter on keyboards, me with my new ax. Which I've successfully restrung the first E string. Other than that I haven't touched it. Groupies, please email me.
  • Played Words With Friends dozens of times - I enjoy playing this, except with Lee, where it has become much more of a blood-sport. I did beat her once though. I should have retired after that.
So as you can see, I hadn't a chance to even relax for a moment and read a good book, let alone get on the computer and blog.

So this does not do much for my effort to blog about the trials and tribulations of becoming vegan. If anyone was wondering how I was coping on those fronts, I will say I have found a groove (rut?) that seems to be working. But as I sit here and think back, my only vegan experiences of note, are usually the ones where I am travelling out of town. That's when I get a chance to see what is in the area, go out and explore, and know that someone else is always picking up the tab. I wont try to summarize the whole summer in one blog. I should have blogged at the time, and going back now and trying to write what happened weeks or months ago would not be interesting or therapeutic.

I did step on a scale the other week, and to my surprise I was down another 10. That is a total of 40lbs lost since doing this (Although I'm not sure I dropped to a size 4). That has given me a good excuse when faced with the always awkward question of "why". I don't get it too much now, but occasionally I do, and I freely admit that I take the cheap way out, and keep the conversation away from a potential political discussion. I tend to not like to give away much about myself to others. Dem, Rep, God Fearing, Atheist, who knows? That's the way I like it. Although some of my friends can figure out that as much as I love labels, sometimes they just escape me entirely. And for fear of a label, I generally take one of the following cop outs:
  • Health - Everyone knows that our country is pretty unhealthy. And doing something to improve your health is all the rage. Throw in a 40lb loss, and I'm damn near set to write a book. This answer pleases even the staunchest of conservatives (not that there is anything wrong with that).
  • Wife - When in doubt (and she is not around), blame the wife. This is a good answer depending on the audience at the time. She is the Yogi, I'm the beer drinking, cigar smoking, crap shooting son-of-a-bitch. Shortly after this subject comes up, I try to steer the conversation to guns
  • Experiment - Not often used, but it was sort of one, and it kinda still is. So its not entirely lying. Which I love. Telling the truth is sometimes the best lie.
  • Cancer - Talking about Cancer always freaks people out, so when I want to shut a bunch of people up, I bring this up. Works like a champ. (crickets chirping)
  • The Truth? - Well, I cant go there because I'm still trying to determine it. That's the guiding principle of the blog. To discover it.

So that about sums up my summer. A lot of excuses as to why I haven't blogged, a lot of excuses when asked about my lifestyle choice. General survival. Not a glowing report, but you have to survive before you can thrive. I am in a groove, which could also be though of as a rut, but hey, I'm still vegan, so I must be doing something right.

Hope you had a nice summer too :-P

Stay tuned. I have a fabulous new secret vegan recipe that will blow your head off. If you are not vegan, you will become one just to have eat this. That's my teaser.


  1. Wow- go you on the weight loss <3
    I love the blame the wife line.
    Also, please be waiting for a groupie email from me!

  2. You are back!! Thanks for making me the one in the middle! Can't wait for your secret vegan recipe but in the mean time I think its your turn in Words With Friends :)

  3. i missed ya! glad you are back and still figuring out the secret to veganism. i will sit back and enjoy the ride.

  4. now i just need to blog again. last time i blogged, i basked in the glory of my blog and before i knew it, months had past. i'll start out small i think. thanks for the comments :-)