Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Vanquish Thee..........

Pizza, plain and simple.  Its America's food (sorry Italia), and its has always been in my top foods.  I have always been a lover of good food, from complex to simple.  I love exotic creations, Asian, Italian, French,.. but I also appreciate the American top 3 (IMHO); hot dogs on the grill in summer, a cheeseburger,... or a slice of yummy 'zza.  "Not Dogs", however, are really "Not" the same (unless you Chicago style them, which is basically the only way I eat them now).  Garden burgers, Lentil, Mushroom, etc are good in their own right, but they just aren't the right... That leaves Pizza.  What to do about that?

Well we have been working on that for 6 months now (by "we", I mean "my wife").  I've had some good ones on the outside I must comment on.  Most notably, ClassicSlice and Marchese's, both in Milwaukee, and this one (in glorious Northside, Cincinnati) is close to the house, but still untapped for me; "North Slice".  As for homemade though, its still leaving something to be desired.  I admit, I jumped on the Daiya bandwagon for a while, but I recently hopped off.  Yeah yeah, it melts good,.. but then so does plastic.  Ok, thats harsh, its not that bad, but I'm a "noob vegan", and I still remember cheese.  Perhaps if you have never had it, or cant remember, then perhaps you find the fakes good.  Unfortunately, I do not.  A few weeks back however, I was at Marchese's Olive Pit in Milwaukee (a block from the rok), and they have a single vegan pizza on their menu, which, however, is somewhat outstanding.  Now the kalamata olives dominate the flavor, but they use "Follow Your Heart" vegan cheese, which was in fact the deal maker for me.

So here we have it,... our finest vegan 'zza creation top date, and I admit, we even cheaped out on a few items, not knowing how it would come out.  The crust was simple, frozen bread dough, the sauce came from a jar (oh marone, are you kidding me?), caramelized onions and garlic, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, Field Roast Italian Sausage (yeah baby, FR, you heard that right), and FYH mozz.  Awesome. So much so, I had to take a picture of the last piece, and write a blog entry just in honor of that pizza.

One kid was converted in the process (The free loving, free spirited one).  My "intellectual" son is going to be a tough nut to crack though. He still debates me on the logic of faux meats and cheeses,... and to be honest, I'm struggling with that as well.  Are they holding me back? or helping me forward? Hmmm,.. subject for another time....  One day at a time.

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